Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something I learnt today...

I learnt that when you expect the worst from something, it might end up being a good thing, after all !!! Today, I had an interesting what sense, you ask? well, I have taken up a new job in a new company and I had already made up my mind about the office and how I would have to cope with everything there....

But, surprisingly, the office is pretty good, people are really nice and the work is interesting too. I really enjoyed my time working and I realised it was not at all bad, after all!!! and didnt miss S too much like I usually do!!!

I know that 'Happiness is a state of mind' , and to hell with learn to find happiness within you and all that crap! Right now, my happy moments definitely start, if not end with S .I cant imagine how life would have been without my man! ! Yup! he is MY man! I sound possessive?? I care a damn, if i do! There are times, he does things that bring a lump in my throat. He has been my biggest strength in the worst of times, always smiling and my pillar of strength. Though, i hate to admit it, I am far more independent now, thanks to him. He has goaded me time and again, to be brave and not to deter! There are no words to describe what I feel for him.

I have been very angry with God for a certain incident in my life that i will carry to my grave. But, I cant thank you enough GOD for S! I love you with all heart, and like you always say "I love and accept you as you are and as you are not.." unconditionally, just like you do!


SV said...

hey! this is a change of fortune for me - the princess accepts me as i am not - does this mean i can start my "old hbit" again ;)?