Thursday, March 29, 2007

As a kid...

  1. If I ate oranges and swallowed the seeds by mistake, I would not drink water...I was scared that it would grow into plants in my stomach ( thanks to my brother's threats!)

  2. My dad is the tallest and strongest man in the whold wide world ( My Daddy Strongest!)

  3. When I am all grown up, I can wear high heels, have long painted nails and wear duppattas...and it was a big deal for me! ( now I know its no big deal and doesnt even matter!)

  4. I wanted to marry a guy who has a factory of chocolates or icecreams or both ( S is sooooo much better than even chocolates and icecreams)

  5. If you are naughty and behave badly, god curses you with babies ( actually, God blesses you with babies! :D)

  6. when I attained puberty, I thought I had cancer ( talk about ignorance!)

  7. I would rant and rave that I wanted to wear lipstick when we would go for weddings. ...and refuse to eat or close my mouth, so that it does't wear off!! ( Amma had a tough time convincing me to eat!)

  8. I would look at Amma longingly, getting ready to go to work, all dressed up....and I could'nt wait to start working!!! (Little did I know...)

  9. I would want to have a little brother/sister....on the condition that s/he never grows up and remains a baby forever...(yeah, right!!!)

  10. I hated my brother and thought he was such a bully, like a lot of other people ( he is such a wonderful guy!! :D Love you, anna!)


Raaga said...

I can relate to some... the first point, definitely. ALso the one about not closing my mouth after wearing lipstick... will post soon... something I sent to the school alumni group.

janani said...

hey tht's cool...raaga! as a child, your wants are pretty simple, not too complicated

Anonymous said...

tee hee.. so cute... well my brother and me dont have much of an age difference so we were are and will be best friends.. that of course also ocvers our many fights and brawls!!!
enjoyed this post and i so wanted to grow up so i could play dress up and go to work... siiigh these days make up is such a chore!!!

Ritu said...

Hey. My first comment on ur blog and betcha... there will be more... Coz I'm gonna be back for more!!!!!

janani said...

@ chinku
I still love make up and actually play 'make up' on poor amma even now!

@ ritu
I am glad you enjoyed reading my posts, i absolutely love reading urs as well!! :)