Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cool Friendship !!!

At some point in life, your friends are your most important aspect of your life. But, unfortunately, i am ashamed to say this, somehow we drift apart due to various reasons like career, spouse, different places etc... But there are still a few good friends who remain the same through thick and such friend is karthik. I met him when i was working in my erstwhile office.

I met up with him yesterday. He was very sweet and spent the whole day with me along with his family. He has always been very helpful in the truest sense of the word - "friend". I could also different facets of him, as a husband and as a father. I could always remember him as a young man with a boyish charm, ever smiling and full of energy. Always caring , loving and helpful to his friends...So these new roles that he has acquired over time, seemed very new to me. He simply dotes on his daughter and has become very responsible...:-)

Kudos to you karthik, for taking so much trouble to treat me like a queen, I really felt like one for the "royal" treatment !!!! :-) I wish you loads of love, happiness and success in the years to come...


godspeed said...

its so good to have friends who stick with you through ups and downs. its not a cliche that thats the true indicator of friendship.