Monday, March 20, 2006

Change is the only constant in life !!!!

I have always wanted my life to go as I have planned, just like everyone else!!! :-) unfortunately, GOD has other plans for me. Some good, some bad...of late, only bad, which makes me all frustrated, disappointed, sad,angry, not even anger - rage! I am not able to think about anybody or anything else, its so emotionally upsetting.

Then, a close friend of mine, told me that whenever she is sad or upset, she thinks "would she like to trade her troubles for someone else's??" Then, she feels much better and happy to be in her position. Now i am trying that out and true to her word, I feel much better.Why are we so greedy?? We always long for something, and then once that is achieved or given, we want something more......Why is there no contentment?? Why are my needs not satiated?? Why cant I think beyond myself???

"Happiness is a state of mind". True, its all in our minds....How we want to live life, to be happy or not, is something within us..... :-) I keep saying that to myself....Its all within me!!!


godspeed said...

Absolutely!!!! Its so real and you appear to have a good understanding of life. The good old phrase "the only thing constant in life is change" is so true. Whatever happens to you in life, you can be sure that good old change will still be around...