Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Impulsive Me!!

I have this horrible trait, do you know what it is???? Impulsive!!!!!! I always get too worked up about anything and everything. Later, when i think about it, its not so bad, then I relax. I want to consciously remain calm , no matter what happens...

My darling S has a calming effect on me. He is always there, to calm me, relax me, explain to me, he is the epitome of patience. I have always wondered, from when I have known him, as to how he manages to remain so calm and composed. That is another trait which is absolutely non-existent in my dictionary - COMPOSURE!!!!! As years pass by, i hope to be calm and composed in life and shed all my inhibitions.

I promise to take efforts to consciously not be impulsive or make impulsive decisions!!! This is a promise, I make to myself.....looking forward to a better ME!!!! :-)


godspeed said...

yeah, baby!