Thursday, September 3, 2015


I was clearing some things away in the cupboard and found my old dairy I used to keep as a teen. It was divided into sections - syllabus written down, lyrics of my favorite songs, self-motivating letters to myself ( yup, you read that right!), dress designs. ( ...and a little footnote that reads designs by pretty woman, my real name there). 

Cut to present, I am designing clothes for The Little People ( click on the blue text to go to the Facebook Page). I had no idea then that I would really get round to doing it really. When we first started out, we began with little girls and slowly realized that little boys don't really have something quirky or different and unique specially designed for them. So we began designing for boys too and we are totally loving it.

Now, I look at interesting objects or things that would fascinate a child and wonder how to incorporate it in a design! I must admit I am obsessed with TLP. Recently, we went on a vacation to Srilanka. We went to this street market and I spotted a guy on the road selling a wide variety of gorgeous, eclectic mix of buttons. I was so thrilled and grabbed them. They are always on my mind! 
Baby Girl has a daily ritual when she gets back from school. I pack some snacks for her as she takes the bus to nursery and she may get hungry in transit. On most days, she will come home and eat it. She will get changed, create her own little world - replete with a glass of water, her snack in the tiffin box (only! dare you give her a cup!) look outside the balcony and really, be contemplative and quiet - Amma HAS to be in the background while she dreams. I love this side of her too. 

As a child, I remember insisting that my Amma should pack my lunch in the tiffin box only. So my mother used to "pack" my lunch in a box even when Saturday was a holiday and I had no school!!!! Amma's girl she is, eh?
I love my life. It is better than I ever imagined it to be. How blessed am I? I have everything in my life, I always ever dreamed of, and in a place I wanted to be.