Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is the time of plans and projects... sunlight peeks into our lives slowly...we are waking up to the warmth and sunshine and are definitely more cheerful! I can never say it enough...I never ever thought I would long for sunshine so much....this year has been pretty busy from the start, yet I have managed to complete tiny projects around our home, which always brings me joy! :)

I deliberately chose a pastel coloured frame to offset the blue in the painting and it adds the right "springy" effect to the room...

I bought these 2 prints of Van Gogh that I loved, when we went to Amsterdam to bring in my big 3-0! Finally, I got it framed and it brings a pop of colour to our room, and we wake up with a smile in our little fairy land! I love our bedroom - it totally looks like our very own  little paradise! One of the print is this - of almond branches and another one is the very popular "Cafe de nuit" ( which means cafe at night!). Our home in Paris has this painting in a big frame and I loved it, so I bought one to take back to our own home in India! :)

These white orchids are one of my gifts from S this birthday in March! I loved it coz its going to be around for a while! I get really sad when fresh flowers wilt and don't really last long! S was super thoughtful and got me the plant too! So they adorn my kitchen window and cheer us up in the mornings as we have our cup of java or chai! :D