Friday, April 6, 2012

Organizing Fetish!

...and a fetish I am glad I developed! I have grown fond of organizing all my stuff and especially how it makes life easier and "sorted"!

After organizing my dressing table here, I tackled the bathroom with its numerous appliances we both use, well mostly I use! ;) The hair dryer, straightener, curler, S's electric shaver and other sundry toiletries that we tend to use on a daily basis and stuff that can be all over the place! So finally, I managed to put it all together like this and "brand" it in my own style!

I bought this online from if anybody is interested...

I have a bunch of artificial creepers that I bought long back, I added that to give the room a touch of "greenery and nature". :) We are pretty sorted and "safe" now that there aren't wires hanging everywhere and its all neatly stowed away after use!


Janani said...

wow what a pretty and beutifullllllllllllllll site just fell totally in love it.U have good taste in everything.

Pretty Woman said...

Thanks a ton! :)