Monday, April 11, 2011

Simply organized!

...I have a lot of costume jewellery and I am always looking for ways to save some space and organize my stuff, so I can find them when I want to...I saw this really simple video on youtube ( I didn't note down the link!) about how you can organize your earrings easily....

Often, if I don't get down to doing something immediately, I never get down to do it...and since it was really easy...I did! I wanted to share this with all of you....if it helps!

All you need is -

1. a thin stole or shawl that looks nice and bright!
2. a wooden hanger!

yup, that's it! - Hang the stole on the hanger....and start piercing your earrings on to it!...Voila!

Darn simple, isn't it? :)


chickoo said...

I love this jannu, will try it out.

Pretty Woman said...

:) Sure babe...that's the idea!

SR said...

Great idea ... and looks good too..

Pretty Woman said...


go can do it too! :)

S said...

O niccccce !

I had done the same thing inside a folder.. easy to store :)

Pretty Woman said...


inside a folder? how do you do that? :)

Guru said...

this is an un related reply - but if you do get a chance listen to this..

heights of Awesomeness


Pretty Woman said...


Thanks a ton for the link! Really enjoyed the melody and the music! :)