Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some new props at home!

A Dreamcatcher, reminiscent of our trip to Greece; the beautiful beaches and the ships that sail away!

S and I, have a huge collection of fridge magnets from all the places we travel to! The fridge is not big enough for them and its one of our most prized possessions. ( The pic has only a part of the fridge!) I am planning to get a black metal plank framed and put all the lil cuties on it. Future project. It is such a lovely reminder of all the places we went, and often, we discuss one of them as we chat and cook in the kitchen. Very good topic for conversation, you know?

I got this cute lil magnet in Milos which has a small 'Post-it' stuck on it. It struck me that I can use it to do this!
S can just look at the fridge and not bug me about what's for lunch ;-).
I picked up these pebbles when we went to NICE and as I wondered what to do with them, I broke one of my glass flowers we got from Venice ( I know, clumsy me!)....but, the flower remained intact. So I threw a pinecone, some beads and voila! I have an interesting, earthy platter of everything in the entrance lobby!!! :-) Like it?


Anonymous said...

I love collecting fridge magnets too! yours are really pretty! The Milos one is the cutest!

Pretty Woman said...

homecooked, :-)

Thank you....I am cazy about them among many other things!! ;-)

Vibz B said...

Heyy I just looove ur new BLog Avatar!
Kudos..And keep th ejuicy pix coming in! dost..:)

Pretty Woman said...


Thanks a ton! :-) A new avatar for the new year!!

SR said...

I also collect fridge magnets.. I love them..
Yours are soo cute...:)

Vidya said...

Lovely! I collect fridge magnets too! And I love looking at them! :D

I love that decorative piece that you made with the glass flower!

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Pretty Woman said...

@ SR,

Thank you...birds of the same flock?

Pretty Woman said...

@ Vidya,

Thanks a ton....nice to see you visiting me often! :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog.... you have a gift. I also love the way you decorated your home.... wonderful


Pretty Woman said...


You are a new visitor on the blog....thanks a ton for your kind comments :) I truly appreciate it.