Friday, June 19, 2009

Unraveling the bad temper in me?

Thethoughtfultrain has tagged me. She describes me with such flattering words that I had to look twice if she was really referring to me? See, the blog doesn't show the hot-headed side of me, that's why!! I am pretty short tempered...but I like to think I have mellowed down over time, experiences and of course, S's calm influence. Now, the secret is out, if anything the tag, for sure will...

Tag: I have to list 10 things that make me mad/seething with anger. (That's not too difficult!)

  1. It really pisses me off when people spit on the road, scribble on public property and throw garbage on the roads/monuments/scenic places of beauty and generally make my country ( any country for that matter) dirty! I want to walk up to them and say 'Hell, Pick it up right now!'.
  2. I detest people who make personal comments and make fun of others without any consideration for their feelings or any empathy ( of course, harmless teasing or ribbing is fun!). It has to be funny and fun for all parties concerned, not just you!
  3. I hate it when fellow Indians abroad ( or even in India for that matter) make derogatory comments about my beautiful country in order to 'fit in' or whatever the reason! I wonder what have you done to improve the situation? Is there any 'perfect' country? Why don't YOU do something about it instead of simply complaining?
  4. I despise sexist comments such as 'Oh! Women always gossip!' or 'Men are such chauvinists!'.I have known women being chauvinistic and hell, men gossip a lot! I believe we are what we are due to our upbringing, friends and surroundings. It has nothing to do with being a man or a woman!
  5. I judge people who do not have clean home and bathrooms. I don't mean fancy interiors or stuff like that, I mean just keeping your home clean and cheerful. Your home reflects your personality and if its not clean, doesn't speak much for your personality either!
  6. It gets my goat when people do not teach their kids their mother-tongue if they are living abroad or in a different city. It is important to know your roots ( and easier for grandparents to interact with the kids), I will ensure my child speaks his/her mother-tongue apart from other languages.
  7. I cannot imagine how some parents can snigger or laugh when their kids are disrespectful to others or misbehave in public and actually laugh about it. What do the kids learn? Whom do they look up to, as they grow up?
  8. I don't like it when people relegate certain chores to women. Especially when people ask as soon as you get married, 'So do you cook?' or 'Any good news?'. There is nothing wrong if men can cook if women can have a career! My plans to start a family is a private matter that I am not comfortable discussing with all and sundry! When I do, you will know! Why is it that you don't question the men about starting a family? After all, It takes two to tango!!
  9. I don't appreciate it when you assume that I am running after money if I am working/have a career. I am not judging you for not working, so let's reciprocate the feeling? To each his own, I am happy doing what I do...PERIOD.
  10. Sometimes, it irritates me when people are indecisive about little things like choice of food, movie and such like. Its not a life threatening decision, do it fast!! I know its unfair to judge, coz most of the times I am sure about what I want, so I get impatient when people do that! :-)
There, I let out all my frustrations. I am not tagging anyone with this, of course, feel free to take it up and let me know! I will visit your blog to read, for sure!! I had fun doing this, thank you once again, Thethoughtfultrain! :-)


Raaga said...

I'm stuck at point #6... wonder what all to teach any children we have :)

Anonymous said...

Comments #1,2,3,4 set mr seething too ... Nice jon,PW!

A journey called Life said...

struck a chord big time.. have felt one of these at one or the other points in my life.. however point 1 and 8 are so so so true

Pretty Woman said...


:-) I know!!

Pretty Woman said...


:-) You asked for it!

Pretty Woman said...

A journey called life,

Sometimes, you have to be polite and smile! and I hate it!

SV said...

oh boy, i know who the last one is targetting!

Pretty Woman said...

You got it, dude!!! :P

Maria said...

Totally nodding!

Pretty Woman said...


You are the new kid on the block! Welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pretty Woman, really enjoy your blog. Have been a lurker for long I must admit I am delurkign now for some help. hubby and I are planning a trip to Paris and are looking for affordable accomodation. We are on a budget trip and I am lookign for soemthing within 60 euros a night. Do you know of any such hotels? Nothing fancy just a safe and clean place to stay.

Pretty Woman said...


Thank you for your kind words! Its great that you are planning a trip to Paris, you will really enjoy yourself! Paris can be pretty expensive...I don't think you can get a place to stay at 60 euros! Even B & Bs in and around Paris charge more than 70 - 75 euros... anyway, I will try and find out and let you know

Pretty Woman said...

hope this helps...try googling 'B & B Paris'

Guru said...

Point 3. how many will you get irritated with. There are a whole bunch of people who just love to demean our country. that too when they see these 'firangis' they just say all teh bad things.. really get annoying experiences in my class.
I tell my friends , better dont allow such creatures back into the country when they come back.

Pretty Woman said...


You sound really pissed...calm down!

Guru said...

cant help.. experiencing the same for the past 10 months.... and the foreigners get a wrong impression about india....

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