Monday, June 29, 2009

Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone...

..and that applies to Paneer and sizzlers now! S and I simply love sizzlers and have been longing to have a good sizzler since we arrived in Paris! As we don't get some of the things like Paneer which I love, I actually try and make them at home. Paris has made me a domestic Goddess in lots of ways!! Like Maa says, I am doing all the chores all together now for all the time I didn't do in all these years! Its like cumulative work... :-) and you know what? An idea is worthless if you don't use it. So I googled a bit on the net to find some sizzler recipes, browsed through an idea of the ingredients and method a lil bit...and came up with my own recipe!! It came out very well, my own customized Thai Sizzler! We were both thrilled to bits coz it tasted really good...we put on a good movie and enjoyed the weekend with this!