Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Quirks Tag!

Vibhuti has tagged me and for the love of God, I cant understand why anyone would be interested in reading about my Quirks!..ahem, anyway here I go…

  1. When I come back home from work, even if I am dog tired, the first thing I will do, even before I keep my bag down is to straighten the cushions or arrange the strewn newspapers. I am totally obsessed with my home and like it neat, clean and organized. Also, I can never get enough of cushion covers or artificial flowers…it’s almost like an OCD.
  2. I prefer chat / SMS /E-mail conversations to phone calls or direct person-to-person conversations. There is a certain thrill in the virtual world as you don’t what is to come…it is like anticipating for the unexpected, very similar to how Life is! Philosophical, eh?
  3. I don't trust men sporting a full beard ( not french beard, S has one! , I mean the full-faced beard!) and guys who wear kumkum! When I was in college, my professor said candidly that such men are not trustworthy and I blindly believed him! I still do...
  4. I just detest, absolutely detest seeing someone brush their teeth, neither do I let anyone see me brush…I find it extremely gross!!! Why, you ask?...Ahem you asked for my quirks?
  5. My hair has to be soft, silky and shiny everyday!!! On days, I don’t get the time to wash my hair, I imagine I look bad and am all fidgety and all I can think the whole time is that I should have washed my hair today as well, like I am feeling right now!!
  6. When I get some new clothes stitched from the tailor, even if I have like a dozen ( I always have!) to be stitched and even if it means numerous inconvenient trips to the tailor’s shop, I will ALWAYS give only one outfit at a time. I have this intuition that if I give him more than one, he will spoil it! I feel he will lose interest by the time he gets to the second one. Yeah!! Go figure…

    Now, its my turn to read other interesting blogs with interesting quirks!

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Ps said...

Really laughed reading about guys with kumkum!! Do they exist any more?!!! :-)Thoroughly enjoyed reading the way you wrote this.Now i'll hide as I dont want to write about my quirks! :-)

Pretty Woman said...

:-) I have even seen men sporting a pink kumkum here and it gives me the shivers for some reason!..Be a sport and flaunt your quirks now!

here it is said...

I also prefer written comm to speaking :)

I will do this soon. Read my current entry.

Pretty Woman said...

hey revathi,
birds of the same flock eh? I guess some deep thinking goes into writing as opposed to talking.

Pretty Woman said...

hey revathi,
birds of the same flock eh? I guess some deep thinking goes into writing as opposed to talking.

Raaga said... :-)