Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The birthday gift...was a refreshing break!

S’s birthday gift as mentioned here was a trip to Goa, except that we experienced the unexplored side with valleys and forests and I must say that though I was skeptical initially as we had to drive for more than 2 hours on long winding roads while it was raining cats and dogs!( God help S who had to bear the brunt of sharing the space with me in the car!). We stayed in a nature resort ( google for wildernest, Goa...for some strange reason the blog does not accept the web address) and our cottages had a beautiful view of the valley and you wake up among the clouds, literally! They have done an amazing job in developing this place and you have to go within the forests to reach your cottage. You can enjoy the nature as you read a book or go on mini-treks to even get to the restaurant. Nature enthusiasts will love this place…despite the fact that it is in the middle of the forest, it’s very well maintained with no insects or dirt whatsoever! The first day was filled with loads of activities….we reached there to witness a local folk dance by the village folk followed by dinner and we just hit the bed.

The next day we went on a trek to some caves with loads of bats. I reached the top and later came back coz I got shit scared of the numerous bats there….S insisted that they were blind and were equally scared of us, but that didn’t convince me! J …and I was the only one to slip every time and I have scratches on my arms!!
We got back to the resort for lunch followed by some mehandi and in the evening it just poured! We enjoyed watching the rain sipping hot tea and chatting away to glory. As usual, S and I kept to ourselves and didn’t go near anyone lest they start talking…he he…frankly, on a holiday, I am in no mood to make small polite talk with total strangers. We saw other couples and were really amused that they hardly spoke to each other at meal times while S and I were full of laughter and silly laughs like teenagers!
There were some couples with really small kids who kept complaining that it was a bad idea to come here! Honestly, when you come to a nature resort, you can’t expect 5-star facilities or any kind of commercial entertainment. People will small kids must refrain from going here as its really difficult for kids to enjoy this kind of atmosphere as there is no T.V. or any kind of play area or any activity to keep kids involved.
The next day, we hired a cab and hit the beach and soaked in the water for hours together and I was in seventh heaven coz I just loved the water. S kept saying that I look like a rock chick, with the shorts, bandana and the glasses. I was trying hard to protect myself against the sun…anyways, S got back with a ‘baked’ wife! Later, we did a bit of shopping and headed back right in time before it started raining again. The next day, we both soaked in the awesome swimming pool which overlooks a beautiful view of the valley.
All in all, it was a balanced vacation with a good experience of the beach as well as the mountains, I love the water and S loving the mountains respectively! I would rate it as say 8/10 (read super cool vacation!)


Anonymous said...

See please here

Ritu said...

Wow...that sounded like a splendid vacation!!!!

Pretty Woman said...

hey ritu, yup it was :-)