Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday Update 2008

Another year gone by…and another year older (for me, it’s only a number. I don’t fret about how much older I am or anything. I mean it…honestly)…richer in memories…

I went to bed, wistfully thinking ‘Damn! I have to go to work on my birthday??!! (Since I got married, I have never gone to work on my birthday)…mostly; S and I spend the day together doing things I like… S surprised me with a birthday cake at midnight, while I was groggy-eyed and wondered if it was a dream…or was I really eating cake? He gave me a surprise gift, the darling of a husband plotted, planned and lied to me about my gift. He has booked us on a trip to Goa!!! Thoughtful dude that he is, he even booked us on a flight ( as I feel nauseous in cars and it’s a long journey from Pune to Goa!)… Goa, here i come....we go there next weekend, its a long weekend with the Good Friday? I love the beaches and I cant wait to soak in the beack for like...forever? I go wild when I see water. :)

Throughout the day he sent me SMS, called me, sent e-cards and when I got home, there was a huge bouquet of flowers with a card that reads ‘Love you baby’…and I went Awwwwwwww….. :) He may not be too happy about my sharing his personal feelings on the web, but I want to chronicle happy memories in my blog….so that I can look back and smile…tell my kids about their wonderful father.

Lots of people remembered my birthday with in-laws wishing me at midnight, parents singing to me early in the morning, to friends wishing me throughout the day in different modes of communication ( thanks to orkut and facebook reminders, i guess). It wasn’t half as bad as I imagined going to work on my birthday….I cut a cake…and my dear friends at work also wished me, gifts, hugs and kisses….I felt much loved. My dear friends Moni and Srija got me some lovely stuff for the house...something I most definitely loved!!

S, if and when you read this, you made me feel so special and very much loved, as always!! I love you with all my heart!! J (..and no, I am not such a private person!) Thank you my dear parents, inlaws and friends for making it a special day for me!

Edited to add: A colleague walked up to me and wished me. He also told me that his son's birthday was the next day. I smiled...He walked away and then as an afterthought, he came back to me and said 'I really wish he grows up to be someone like you -fun-loving, spirited and the happy person that you are...He made my day!' ( I told him so!)


Chitra said...

Belated birthday Wishes. Wish you loads of success.

Second time to your blog ! Will keep visiting.

Pretty Woman said...

hey chitra!
I am glad you like my blog...thank you for your warm wishes as well...and please do come back! :)

Ritu said... glad to know that u had a wonderful day.... coz u deserve it...!!!!

Pretty Woman said...

thanks ritu! :)

Priya Rajesh said...

hey pretty woman, Many more happy returns of the day, that was such a nice way to express ur love to ur husband....sorry dint wish u earlier, saw the reminder in ORKUT, but was too busy sending my kid to school, that was no excuse for forgetting to wish u rite!!!!