Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cheap thrills...

You Make a Great First Impression

You can handle almost any social situation with grace, even the tricky ones.
Strangers often find you charming and interesting. You are often remembered fondly.
Even if you're not naturally outgoing, you can make conversation with anyone if you need to.

Whether you were born this way or had to work to get here, you are definitely charismatic.
You're popular and well liked. People definitely look forward to being around you.
Your social connections bring you a full and rich life. You understand how important it is to make a lasting impression.


CresceNet said...

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Revathi said...

I had the exactly same one :P

pink dogwood said...

I had the same one as well :)

Pretty Woman said...

hey you guys!
that is so cool...wise men think alike...dont wanna finish the sentence though! :D

Hey pink dogwood,
new visitor to my blog! welcome...however i cudnt read urs!!

pink dogwood said...

Greetings from USA pretty woman!!

Nothing worth reading at my blog yet - just random jumble of totally unrelated thoughts. Actually one of my blogs is just a communication tool between me and my 8 and 10 year old daughters - they love leaving comments - it is fun :)

Anyways, once I get a bit organized I will open it up to other like minded individuals :)

Ritu said...

Coooolllll... and since I've known for a while now, I need to add that all of it is true!!

Pretty Woman said...

hey pink dogwood!
how sweet!! do let me know when it is open to all...or atleast me! ;)

Pretty Woman said...

hey ritu!
thank you made my day!!

pink dogwood said...

ok pretty woman - I opened it up :)