Wednesday, January 9, 2008


....I have a bad habit! When I have my coffee in the mornings as I read the paper....I forget to put the mug back in the kitchen sink. It just lies there.....For the love of God, I just can't understand how I forget this tiny little detail...( of course, later on if I do notice it, I will put it back at once)

S hates this habit....and repeatedly calls me to put it back. To help me remember, he has incentivised it. Offlate, I get a bonus gesture of affection from him when I do remember to put it back!

Lo and behold! Now i remember everytime!!! :D


Sudha said...

ahem wat is the bonus gesture of affection (that makes u rememeber;).....ahem ahem??????

Pretty Woman said...

hey sudha!
the big picture please... ;)

Ritu said...

Im clearing my throat too here... ;-)

Pretty Woman said...

hey ritu!
do you need halls or something? ;) odi po!!

SV said...

dirty minds...the incentive is another cup of steaming coffee!!!

Nancy said...

I remember to take the coffee cup back to the kitchen but always forget to push the chair seat back under the table :-P

hi, u left a comment in my inbox. thot i'll return the gesture :-).

went thru a few of ur blogs. u have an easy style of writing....i mean 'I' actually can understand everything u've written :-P, emphatise even.

will be back to read more. tek care

Pretty Woman said...

hey nancy,
ha ha...we all have our quirks. thanks for stopping by and for your kind come back! :)