Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Bonus!!

I have always believed and still do that in any scenario, whether professional or personal, when you don't expect anything, everything you get or receive is a big bonus. I know its easier said than done, but when practiced it really makes sense.

I got married at a pretty young age as compared to a lot of women today. I was 22 when I got engaged and I had no clue what I wanted in a husband, other than a reasonable expectation that he should be taller than me! ( he is way taller than me!) has worked well for me. I am perfectly happy with the way our relationship has shaped. Touchwood. To a large extent, I feel it is due to God's and parent's blessings of course, but also coz I did'nt have too many specifications or expectations. So anything I got from the relationship is a big bonus, and I won a whirlwind big time lottery!! :D

I strongly believe that come what way, we all get what is destined for us....both good and I fail to understand jealousy or comparison with someone else. I don't claim to be holier than thou, after all I am human too....there are times when I feel 'why me?' when I fail at something or when something does not happen at a certain point in my life....but that's about it...I move on...and I definitely feel happy for someone....I don't feel any negativity towards anybody. Absolutely.

But offlate, I see a lot of hypocrites around me who claim that our current generation is very selfish. I want to say atleast I don't have a problem admitting that "Yes! I am selfish. I don't pretend to be something that I am not". I don't say anything in return other than a smile coz I would not like to sound rude or arrogant and I genuinely respect you for your age! ( not exactly your thoughts). There is so much pettiness in your judgement and opinions that I don't want to dignify it with an answer! I stay away from a lot of "friends" who feign concern but in reality are comparing balance sheets of their so called "achievements", if you seem to think so, that is. I am not YOU who is all sweetness in front of me but bitch about me behind my back. It is sad but true that all of them are women, I have never come across such men so far! Maybe, I am meeting all the right ones, who knows? I have slowly come to understand the real meaning of friendship and am glad that I am blessed with good friends now, who give me a hearing before judging me. Infact, they don't judge me at all.

I believe in optimism, prayer and surrounding myself with happy and positive people, happy and positive thoughts and work towards becoming a better human being, not necessarily rich in wealth but rich in character. Finally, is'nt that what matters?


Unknown said...

I guess it is becoz women are more open with their emotions than men...even if the emotion happens to be envy or jealousy...

Anyways, since the attack seemed to be on women older than you who are your friends and not relatives, that sort of narrows the scope very much....doesn't it? I wonder if I am in the line of fire!

ha ha....kidding!!!

Pretty Woman said...

hey ritu!!

I said I have not met any men of that sort...maybe they exist who i don't know...

the accusation is in general, at women not necessarily older or younger, could be a relative,friend or an acquaitance....

you are definitely not that belong to the 'non-judgemental friend' category. :)

Raaga said...

hmmm... real friends never judge... they merely accept.

Revathi said...

I have come across men who are worse than some women, They can be BIG Bs too, esp.lly when they feel threatened.

Pretty Woman said...

hey raaga!

yup! very true....and that's what makes them special too

Pretty Woman said...

hey revathi!!
thankfully I am yet to meet such men....all the guys I know are real sweet and non-controversial :)

Unknown said...

Hey jan,

I happened to read ur post.

Sadly but truly I do agree with you that women are the reason for so many jealousies, misunderstandings etc etc in the world.

I am definitely striving each day to not be such a woman:). Atleast for my babies who watch me and look up to me.

Your blog reflects reality so much. I, especially, loved ur last blog. Keep it going girl!

Pretty Woman said...

hey sudha!
thank you so much for your kind comments. I am glad you come back and read my posts!! :)