Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 11th was my anniversary (4th already, time flies when you are having fun ;) )and as always, S and I went on a trip ( we had decided that we would take 2 breaks every year, and touchwood so far have been able to stick to it - one on our anniversary and one during december - year end) . This time, we went to Matheran, was an interesting experience...before I digress...let me come to the point before I forget it.

We travelled by the Mumbai - Pune Expressway ( its my first time!) and my god! I was amazed at the fantastic roads ....vennai madiri irundudu ( i.e...the roads were like butter.....sooo smooth)....I was pleasantly surprised...S and I were discussing how wonderful it would be if all the roads in India could be so well-maintained. So it shows that we are capable of it, except that we dont really bother to maintain all our roads like the Expressway.....Instead of gaping at the clean roads abroad, if we took little effort to remain clean and maintain civic sense....people would throng to India for other reasons than just Goa, Spices and snake charmers!!!! ( I know am exaggerating here, but there are still people who think that way!)

Coming to Matheran, its common knowledge that no vehicles are allowed inside as they would like to keep the place pollution-free. After a point, you have to walk up or take the toy train and enjoy the breathtaking moutains and its beautiful. They do not allow plastic bags so as not to pollute the environment. Despite clear instructions everywhere, there are people who throw plastic bags on the is really frustrating and sad to see such uncultured behaviour. I had written a post about patriotism and how India is a beautiful country. Now I feel like taking back my words.....I want to ask them, dont you feel proud when someone comes home and says you have a beautiful home? Don't you feel the same way about your country??


Revathi said...

Congrats on 4th anniversary.

Pretty Woman said...

hey revathi!
thanks a ton :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Happy 4th anniversary!

My husband's name is satish--and i refer to him as 'S' :-)

True--I too feel really angry about the way people mindlessly chuck garbage. i have just come back from a vacation in mumbai.Juhu beach is so clean in the mornings..By evening, it becomes so filthy.Mornings, again it is cleaned up.
it is so much better that it used to be--but civic sense is woefully inadeqaute.

Oh--i amlost forgot--thanks for blogrolling me.

Pretty Woman said...

Hey P!
Thanks for stopping by....I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog too :-) will keep coming back! :D