Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Raining happiness...

The monsoon has started in Pune, and today the first rains started....Is there anyone who doesnt like rain?? Oh! the minute I smell rain (mann-vaasanai), it makes me so cheerful and happy, a kind of serenity, i cant explain enough how awesome I feel...I definitely love to or dream of enjoying the rain maybe with a loved one, cozy in the comforts of their home, with a good book, masala chai, add some bajji or pakoda to it!....ahh! heavenly!!! :)

During schooldays, I would get up all upset that its a monday morning, which means go to school...and it would rain....yippeeee.....bunk school!!!!! Inexplicable joy!! :D Then, when I grew up, I was not too happy about staying home and confined indoors on account of rain....when I was committed, I longed to spend time with S in the rain....even now, all I can think of , is to go home and sit together in our balcony, sip tea and chat! ( we could do that everyday or already do it everday, but the magic of rain brings such silly yet simple wants...romance!!)

Right now, am happy that I can listen to some good music ( am listening to Meenal Jain, mesmerising!!), blogging while am supposed to do some research and content! :D Tomorrow morning, I can wake up to rain and S will be there with me, enjoying it with me!! :) GOD BLESS....