Monday, May 21, 2007

Power of positive thinking!!

I read an interesting article about 'Positive thinking and Optimism' on TOI - sunday issue. I was mighty impressed with what miracles occur when you have happy thoughts and surround yourself with positive people. I was further convinced, when I heard Ritu give an account of her pregnancy. Apparently, when she was pregnant with her first baby, the baby was positioned in a reverse position, with legs going down, that leads to a 'breach baby' and can end up being a ceasarean.

She used to practice yoga regularly throughout her pregnancy and was clearly disappointed to hear that . So she told her guru that the doctor said that it could be complicated. Her guru asked her to continue with her yoga( doing sarvangasana) for another 15 days and guaranteed a normal delivery. Lo and behold! the baby changed its position and she had a normal delivery!!!! Wow!! I was amazed to hear that....its wonderful that she believed in her guru and did not deter or get disappointed.

I have decided to consciously think of happy events, surround myself with positive people and who knows, I might develop a halo! :D


Raaga said...

don't you already have one? :-)

Pretty Woman said...

hey raaga! now THAT i like :D