Thursday, January 11, 2007

Introspection Time!

We humans are an interesting lot, are'nt we? A myriad of emotions !Its an emotional roller coaster ride. I am so amused by how people behave, react and talk and what makes them say the things they say and do the things they do.. Personally, I am an emphatic person, not afraid in any sense to speak my mind, either at work or in my personal life. Sometimes, it has landed me in trouble and am branded as "arrogant". Any sane person would learn from their mistakes and maintain silence. Be warned, am not the type who voices her opinion about anything and everything... I speak my mind when required, while someone though wanting to say something would not, due to fear of being judged, fear of acceptance or any reason. I have never ever been like that. Always the one to ask questions in class, college, workplace. I cannot do something for the sake of doing it. I must know why I am doing it. That is the way it should be! I am proud of the way I am...its not arrogance, its called CONFIDENCE! Any insecurity or fear stems from lack of confidence. I am not being judgemental, but the way an individual shapes up is immensely dependent on how s/he has been brought up, surroundings and many other influencing factors at an early age. I have the benefit of a secure home,loving parents and a happy childhood. But there are others, who have grown in fear of someone or something and end up being insecure about everything and everyone....So I am one of those blessed souls! You learn very important lessons in life when you ask the pertinent Question - WHY? Introspection is something all of us must do periodically in our lives. There are times, when I have said something in anger, without giving some thought to it and regret it badly at a later point of time. Maybe, If I had been calmer, I would not have hurt someone, had a good relationship.... Now! When I get angry, I simply dont utter a word. I just keep quiet or divert myself with something else. It has helped! Anger is an emotion which is so strong that it is uncontrollable. The day you learn to control your emotions like a switch, you are no longer human, you are DIVINE! ;-) I am angry diverting myself with a post on the blog!! :-) Welcome to the world of