Monday, January 15, 2007

I am all excited!

Ohhhhhhh I just can’t express how happy I am….and cant stop pinching myself to ensure that am not dreaming! I am the proud owner of a super hi-fi, sleek laptop and I already am madly in love with her. I have always wanted to have a laptop, makes me feel all important and nice! I am sure I sound silly and maybe materialistic? Well, I guess I am!!! J . I love S with all my heart and thank God for him everyday. I love the way he is soo genuinely happy for my small successes and is forever looking for small ways to see me happy. When I see him, I am bursting with love that I cant contain myself.

‘Happiness is a state of mind’. This is something I totally agree with… Coz I am like a switch that goes on and off on a click. I can be all happy one minute and become all sad next minute and come to happy mode in a few minutes….Wow! You say? He he … I know… ;-)

I am reading a 1000 page book, titled ‘Shantaram’. It has been written by a person called Gregory David Roberts, who is an escaped convict from Australia. He has taken 13 times to write this book, which details his entire life in India and his experiences in India, his emotions , pain and lots of experiences in detail. Hats off to that man! When you read the book, you realize what insipid lives we live and complain about trivial issues and grumble in life about lack of luxuries when there are other people who live a life of torture, pain, hunger and that too in miserable circumstances. My experiences and pain paled in comparison.

I have a laptop!!!!! :D …and its all mine!!!!! :D :D :D…She is like my personal hi-tech diary who sings, talks and clicks pictures too.


Raaga said...

Congrats... is this a buy from Singapore?

Pretty Woman said...

nope....India only!