Monday, December 7, 2015

Diwali in 2015!

So this is our third Diwali after we moved back to India. When we lived in Paris, I would always long to be back home in India, especially during Diwali - I would feel homesick 
considering it would be a regular working day there . To be fair, as time went by, we began to celebrate it in our little way - thanks to Catrin!

Cut to present, it is definitely exciting and something I look forward to but I also feel like there is a barrage of festivals to celebrate! S is often travelling and it is often just Baby Girl and I...but I muster some enthusiasm and do whatever I can so that she learns some basics about her roots and has some good memories of the festivals when she grows up.

For the decor, I was very excited about these flowery string lights i managed to find, which will later adorn my vanity/dressing table which is a vintage kind of chest of drawers.( more about that on another post!) was a great find! 

For the new clothes this year, I decided to go with a saree. I am in love with tussar silk, so went ahead and got a plain one in a fresh cucumber green...and did my own tweak to it by buying a broad contrasting border and attaching it. Everyone loved it, so did I.

(For those who are interested, the saree is a tussar silk saree from

For Baby Girl, I reserved a gift from my dear friend for Diwali. She asked me to choose anything for her from our collection from The Little People. I chose the very first design we came up with, when we began! 

This year has been tough for us in many I hope and pray for good times ahead. May the darkness fade away and all our lives be illuminated with the brilliant light of goodness, good health,happiness and prosperity.