Friday, November 6, 2015

Beauty updates on the blog!

I am going to start reviewing and sharing my experience of skincare products and make up that works for me.( like there isn't enough?). Well...I read and follow a lot of makeup tutorials on Youtube and follow a select beauty bloggers and often have my own recommendations to add or I decided why not do it on my own blog, apart from the general updates or thoughts I share personally. After all, I did write one before.

Since you all know already, I used to live in Paris before moving back to India...I was in make up ( very chic I might add!) haven and the interesting art caught on! While L'oreal was a drugstore brand there, it is a high-end brand in India, especially price-wise. 

Anyway, I love a red lip like most chic women do...and it really does require a lot of confidence and self assurance to carry it off (IMHO). I had been eyeing the L'oreal Pure red lipstick series and after a lot of analysis, over-thinking and reading reviews online, I zeroed in on "Pure Rouge"....i think it is the one on Frieda Pinto.

It definitely packs a punch and can be super matte and stays long without creasing or fading away. Worth the wait and the buy! ( Worn it a couple of times with a saree as well as western outfits)...remember to focus on the lips alone...don't pack on everywhere else...let's keep everything else subtle.

I learnt this tip online that you can make any lipstick matte by brushing on talcum powder or translucent powder by holding a tissue on top of your lip and then add another coat. That's it - its there to stay and is matte! 

Another makeup thingy that I love is the highlighter - it's the perfect camouflage for tired skin and can totally fake the "glow" seem super real! So yet again after much deliberation I bought this highlighter-cum-blush palette from a UK brand called MUA ( Make Up Academy)! 

It is supposed to be a blush palette. However, it has blushes, bronzer, gold highlighter, peach-rose highlighter and it is replete. You have this palette, a lipstick and eyeliner - you are good to go!

It blends really well with your skin, is not over-the-top yet effective and subtle. Loved the outcome at the price point it is available! Great product.