Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Diwali in 2013!

....the festivities have caught on...and how can our home be left behind? Apart from spring cleaning, I have been sprucing up our balconies....the focus being just outside as we spend a lot of time with Baby A there, mostly ensuring nothing is broken or thrown out of the balcony! :P

Notice how everything is placed at a certain she cannot reach! ( as of now, atleast!)

I had a "Eureka" moment, we have a lovely light fixture that we have had for years now but it recently went kaput! They have these lovely glass cylindrical outer cover - I retained them and converted them into flower vases... aha! 

The Buddha reigns supreme in every part of our home, the little garden in the balcony is no exception! 

Our cozy balcony near the bedroom makes for a nice little private space where I can sit and work, play with baby A or have a nice cup of chai peacefully, while watching the kids play...or enjoy some peace and quiet...which has become pretty rare nowadays!

We had a lovely Diwali with Baby A, and it felt like we relived our childhood - our enthusiasm and happiness at her curiosity, excitement and joy was refreshing and made all the effort worthwhile!


Vidya said...

I love love love love this space that you have. One of my desires is to have a rocking chair in a space that is "mine" and enjoy my chai. I feel like we have a lot in common! :)

Pretty Woman said...

thank you vidya...i hope your desire comes true pretty soon! its pretty simple...