Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lust List for the Home!

I recently updated our furniture, decor as you can see here! So of course, I need to be Bill Gates's sister to be able to afford everything all at once or buy it all at once! But there is no harm in "window shopping", in this case - "screen hopping" - so here goes!

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I love how elegant and modern wrought iron furniture looks though it has its disadvantages!( tends to creak a lot!)...anyway, coming back to this lovely "cocoon", I love beds with a canopy for the simple reason that it gives me a feeling of being in a cocoon! :) Someday....or maybe one down the years for baby girl? we could both curl up together... ;-)

My love for all things "Buddha" is no secret and its apparent from all my "decor posts" earlier...(click here and here)...I am attracted to a "Buddha" only if the face is should resonate absolute calm and tranquility and some of them really call out to me! Here's an example for you and left to me, I would surround myself with him anyday...

I have always fancied the name "papasan", it sounds damn cute and if you look at a papasan, it shrieks sheer comfort and you can curl up in the balcony, enjoy a lazy afternoon reading a book and some hot chai! :) It sure looks inviting, doesn't it? That is a must-buy on my list! 

While a papasan is probably more affordable, this is another "book-chair" I have been eyeing...a baroque style lounge chair! 

Baroque style furniture is typically characterized by grandeur, drama and is exuberant owing to its Roman origin...

Both S and I loved it, except the cost is as grand as it looks! It costs more than a entire living room sofa set! :P A girl can dream, right? :)

Tea lights are a great way to lend some colour, brightness and romance to a cozy corner - they are economic too! It can also double up as diyas during Diwali...I love this stand with its multi-coloured tea light holders! What are you lusting after?


Anonymous said...

I simply love how you decorate your home. And I wish you get to buy all your favorite stuff. :-)

Pretty Woman said...

:-) thank you!