Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spoils from our Berlin Trip!

S's funky watch and my chunky flower ring - a match made in Heaven! ;)


chickoo said...

Love both of them, but iam partial to the ring! :) aaah! the woman in me.

Pretty Woman said...


ha ha ha...I feel you and how! :)

Anu Nandu said...

Hey Pretty Woman! I've been looking for a contact me link here but could not find it and decided to just leave you a comment here! So, please feel free to delete this after you read.
Unga anna - ennoda adopted annatha (that's how I call him!) told me that you had been to my blog and I pulled up your comment and saw it again -thank you much - hoping to see you there too from now and you bet I'll be here too. Nice to know you! And btw - Chandra did provide me your blog link long long back and I've been a silent reader many time and love the way you write and the subtle humor. Will connect on fb thru ur bro's link.

Pretty Woman said...

Hi Anu,

:) By sheer coincidence, i found your blog and that too it happened to be someone my brother knows! How small can this world be...

Your blog is a fantastic effort...and thank you for your kind, lovely words! :)

Anonymous said...

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