Monday, December 13, 2010


...coz I am holidaying in India, to be specific in Pondicherry! For the first
time, I am embracing the sun and the heat with open arms after the numbing cold winters in Paris (I will go back to all the snow soon)...

Down South, people head to Pondy just as people head to Goa in the West! I found a really cute jumpsuit for a song here, thanks to my brother's superior bargaining skills. Knowing me, I am thoroughly enjoying the shopping, sun, beaches, love, laughter, happiness and all the shopping!!! Did I say that already? ;)

Jumpsuits are really cool, casual and are best paired with a tight-fitting top! This black jumpsuit in cotton takes the cake!!


lipstick said...

Love the look:)

Vivek Nanda said...

Great, have fun :)

SR said...

Love your jumpsuit.. Looks great on you..
Have fun in the sun..

Lavs said...

it looks lovely on you:)

Pretty Woman said...

lipstick, vivek nanda, SR, Lavs,

thank you :)