Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Longing for...

Finally, we can see some sunshine here in Paris and I can't describe how happy I am!!! Coming from the land of abundant sunshine (India), I never imagined I would long for summer like this, having gone through the scorching heat and summers back home!

Apparently, sunshine and heat is directly proportional to the temperament of people. People who reside in tropical climates are often more friendly and warm hearted. In a way, I can relate to it coz prolonged periods of winter does make you feel depressed. How true is the proverb "Adigam amritham visham" which roughly translates to anything in excess is harmful!
I am sure I will crib about how hot, sweaty and clammy it a month? ;)


SR said...

I can totally relate to you.. I have the same feeling and the longing for sunshine..

And I totally agree.. The sunshine does reflect in personality and behavior

Guru said...

after being in north in the Queen's Land.. Summer -- ayyo eppo da varum - is the only thought... atleast for the day light

Pretty Woman said...


:)...Birds of the same flock!

Pretty Woman said...


ha ha ha...tell me bout it!

Shruthi said...

You know, I somehow think that in the midst of this 40-degree weather, I'd find the Parisian summer pleasant :)

And yes, sunshine is a beautiful thing. Really beautiful. I love the sunshine :)

Pretty Woman said...


I agree...its definitely more pleasant here than the sweltering heat of chennai!!! :)

Sunshine is important, only problem is when it gets too much or too less...Sun God needs to learn to be balanced! ;)

Vintage Obsession said...

there is excessive sunshine here in India wish there were some clouds here :-)

Pretty Woman said...


I know! :) Wish the weather-god had a balanced temperament! ;)