Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its spring finally!

I clicked these lovely flowers in a park somewhere near Bastille! Its so pleasant to see flowers and greenery all around...are'nt they simply gorgeous?

Not the ones to be left behind, my plants at home have started flowering too! I love to sip my coffee early in the morning and being able to see this along with the Eiffel Tower of course! ;-)

Its funny that when I took care of them everyday and religiously watered these plants...they refused to flower! When I gave up and simply ignored them, they are flowering!!!
Its as if they said don't frown, we are up! :-)


Vibhuti B said...

The tulip is indeed gorgeous..Something Ive never done, tend to plants...& knit..& travel abroad..So each of ur posts are a whiff of fresh air to me..It is sprig over here at ur blog- of lovely posts!

Pretty Woman said...


I really appreciate all your comments! :) Congrats on ur short stories getting noticed...its a great feeling, am sure...

Gardening, in a small or large scale enriches your life in different ways, I can't explain.