Friday, April 2, 2010

How do we spend our weekends?

...doing this!

We made a few additions to our home, like the shoe rack and the T.V. without thinking about whether it will fit into our rack! So we had to rearrange the entire living room, which took a lot of effort! But the result was....worth it!

After some time, the rearranging was so much fun and it created a lot of space as opposed to the big stand right in the middle of the living room, which is now in the corner! ( My landlady was right from the beginning, it does take a lot of space, the way we had kept it!)

Next, we tackled the lobby....and with our new shoe rack ( which had to be fully assembled manually by S!), it looks more put-together and I like the fact that its a closed one! We also included a seat so that you can sit down and put on your shoes/boots. ( I will let you in on a secret, I needed more space in the living room to move around when I exercise!) I convinced S that the one-seater has more utility in the lobby area! ;-)

As I wondered where to put the extra mirror which we used to shield all the wires, S came up with this brilliant idea! I love it and over time I have also realized that adding mirrors in strategic places creates an illusion of space. Do remember this, when you rearrange or do up your place! :-)

The old T.V. used to be I used up this space to place the Buddha and Ananya here. I have not named Buddha coz he has already got one! Well, I have this wierd habit of naming all my knick-knacks! So Ananya also changes her jewellery often to match the decor! ;-)


SR said...

Hey... Your home is lovely.. Good work..

Pretty Woman said...

Thank you :)

Monirupa Shete said...

THis is fabulous.

Your interior designing ideas are inspiring as ever Jan!

My new home design contract goes to you. Wait till I send you the floor plan....;)

Pretty Woman said...


thank you so much darling! I am glad you like it...of course, interior design ideas for your home are definitely going to come from me...that goes without saying! :)

Unknown said...

nice work janani...btw..did you know that i named my house "Ananya" back in in 2005 when we bought it !!!


Pretty Woman said...


really? I am pleasantly surprised...A close friend of mine has named her daughter 'Ananya' too...guess who suggested it? ;-)

the mad momma said... your house is simply brilliant. havent been here in a while and i came today only to fall in love with your home!

Pretty Woman said...


Thank you :) Coming from you, its a huge compliment considering you have awesome home decor skills yourself!