Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spirituality and I.

I tried to understand spirituality for a long time; but I did'nt. Maybe, I did not make a proper effort or tried to be logical about it. I don't know. Like many others, I had a pre-conceived notion that to be spiritual is to chant shlokas or prayers for hours together in a temple or any place of worship. When Appa (Dad) would often tell me that I should have implicit trust in HIM, I could not understand how you do that! Certain things in life are not taught; you need to learn them yourself, in a way you can truly understand. Spirituality is one such thing that is percieved, practised and understood by each one of us differently.

To be honest, I would only pray to GOD if I wanted something. I never spoke to HIM when I was happy or had everything. I realize that I never thanked HIM or acknowledged the fact he blessed me with so many wonderful people, things and everything I should be thankful for. Over time, my perception has changed. I have understood that life is not always a bed of roses for anybody. Also, you must experience lows to appreciate and value the highs in life. If there are only highs in life, you become complacent and take things for granted. To me, spirituality is simply being a good soul; at least making an effort to be a good soul or good human being; for a start! Spirituality affects the spirit or soul; eliminates negativity or negative thoughts. I am trying to have a balanced outlook in life and be positive and happy. Sounds very simple, but it is'nt.

As a child, I would listen to Appa (Dad) or Amma (Mom) chant 'Shiva thandava Stothram' or 'Kanda Shashti Kavacham' and even though I did'nt understand what the verses meant, I was always curious and impressed by the words. Today, I don't sit and chant prayers for hours together. But, I listen to this :

As I do yoga or Pilates I listen to this among many other powerful verses, it fills me with an energy or calms me when I am feeling low in a way words can't explain. You have to feel it. The entire home reverberates with a positive energy. I have embraced GOD through Music and it has brought a balance to my life and given me mental strength. I don't believe there is a specific way to reach GOD. If it works for you, its good enough. Noone needs to approve it. You know it and that's all matters.

On an aside, for a long time, I would pray to GOD in different languages thinking if I am in North India, for example or if I go to a Church, I would pray in Hindi or in English respectively :-). I know, silly me!