Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Travel treasures and a blog!

My brother went on a trip to Haridwar Rishikesh and took this picture of Lord Shiva! Its a treasured posession for me, for a reason! In my growing years, in my parent's home, there was a calendar of Lord Shiva with the most serene and calm face. That visual has stayed in my mind for years, and I often close my eyes and think about that exact picture when I am feeling restless or upset. I feel much better instantly. Unfortunately, I didn't have the presence of mind to take that picture ( If it was with my parents, the first thing they would have done is to courier it to me!)....

Now, this picture comes really close to that calendar picture! :-) I am in a happy place again and it adorns my desktop! Its breathtaking, isn't it? I feel like the Lord talks to me through this and says 'Why fear when I am here?'

Interestingly, my brother blogs here ( Click here to read his blog) and looks like he has been doing it long before me. I never knew, neither did he tell me...I just found it by a coincidence. I like the fact that he has made an effort to learn and share the significance of many Hindu practices or why we do certain things the way we do! I never knew the significance of Om or the reason why people wear Vibhuti on their forehead. (Click on the colored text to read it). Often, I have seen many people comment on how outdated certain practices are, without taking the effort to understand why we do it. In ancient times, most practices were forced on people, with a fear factor attached to it, so that it was actually practised. I agree, it is not the smartest way to go about it but hey, sometimes only that works! I guess they were not very good at marketing their theories or ideas in a better package!

Yes, sometimes adults do not have the patience or maybe the knowledge, to explain why? But with google, there is so much information available in a click! I am glad that he is doing this in his blog, even his introduction is so profound.

Note: I am not interested in any counter-opinions about Hinduism or its practices. This blog is reflective of MY opinions and thoughts. If you feel differently, by all means, Please do! To each his own, except not on MY BLOG!


techpsyche said...


I certainly agree with you/your brother when saying that there is a meaning behind every practice in Hinduism. However its people who just follow it blindly and don't try to find the real good meaning behind it.

BTW, I was astonished when I read that you were unable to find pictures of lord Shiva. May be it slipped your thought that any pictures are just a click away ;-)

Next time you know where to get it...


Pretty Woman said...


Commenting after a long time? :-)

I wanted that exact picture, not that I couldn't find Lord Shiva's pic! JUst wanted the exact one! :-)

Anonymous said...

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