Thursday, July 10, 2008

A MUST watch!

I saw an awesome movie called 'Pay it Forward' last night on HBO. What a beautiful movie! The movie starts off in the classroom and the teacher gives a Social Science project to the kids about changing the world and to believe that Goodness till exists. One of the kids ( the same kid who was the protagonist in 'The Sixth Sense') comes up with an ingenious project idea and the story moves on to show how the little project becomes a movement. It was a touching movie and reiterates at every point that there is Goodness in each one of us, just needs to be discovered by self!

I was bawling at the end of the movie ( I know I am hyper-sensitive!) and was gasping for breath, ya I cried sooo much. It inspired me to be a better person at some level and I will work on it. I don't want to reveal how it ends and spoil your experience.

I am sure there will be reruns of this movie, do watch it if you can !!!


here it is said...

I liked the concept too.

Pretty Woman said...

hey revathi

good to see you commenting again! Yup, the movie was very touching!

Gowri said...

I too have watched this movie.. And I agree with you.. Indeed a wonderful movie! I too am quite a sensitive girl.. Can recollect how i cried at the end of that movie.. :)

Pretty Woman said...

hey gowri!
am glad to know there are other people like me :-)