Sunday, July 22, 2007

Relatively speaking....

As a school-going kid, I would look at my seniors longingly who had the privilege of wearing 'duppattas' and who could have long, well-manicured painted nails. I could'nt wait to grow up and wear colourful duppattas, paint my nails in different colours.....and wear lipsticks! How can I forget lipstick? I would think how lucky they were.....and I was so miserable that I am still a kid....Infact, when Amma would take me for a wedding, I would rant and rave that she should apply lipstick for me as well and refuse to eat at the wedding, lest the colour wears off!!!

Cut to the present, I postpone doing my nails and among everything else, promise myself that I will do it next weekend, for sure! That too, after I feel embarassed at my chipped nail paint and feel dirty at work!

As for duppattas, I hate to wear them as you have to go on adjusting them all day long....can be a pain when I am on the bike, with hundred things to carry....and to add a duppatta to it? So, I will always stitch stuff like a kurta with a chinese collar, so that I can just wear them with hassles!!!

Lipstick? The glamour still attracts me! :) ...and funnily, lots of people gift them to me in different colours....

Ok! I am off to do my nails....S is busy with his formula one and I have nothing to I might as well get it done!!


Ritu said...

Ha ha... that served as a reminder for me to do my nails well as cut my kids' nails coz its monday tomorrow.... Cute post.

Pretty Woman said...

thanks! sure u agree with me :)

Ps said...

Oh yes--Nails.I used to LOVE having manicured perfect polished nails--till the day it accidentally grazed against my then 1 nd ahlf year old son's leg and left a nice long scratch.His skin was so tender--and I felt so bad.Chopped them off right then.Now my kids are 9 and 6..I think I'll grow my nails again!
Your post inspired me!:-)
Thanks preety woman!

Pretty Woman said...

:) ha ha...I am glad SOMEONE is INSPIRED by me in SOMEWAY!! :D