Friday, April 20, 2007

'Lipstick's recent post stirred up memories in me....memories of my childhood, years as a teenager, in college....when I think about it, I have come a long way....emotionally, I have changed radically, would like to think for good....As I read her post, I realised that a sense of calm has settled over me! I am not as hyper as I used to be...if I may say, I am far more balanced now and it does feel good.

I have begun to watch people and listen to their views merely as a spectator, neither acknowledging nor supporting or arguing about it. I have realized that there is no point in wasting time explaining things to people. They have to learn it by experience, to understand the impact of their words, comments or criticism on another. Of course, there are poeple who pretend that they are immature and childish...what can you say to such people? My policy is to just ignore and eliminate such negative vibes from my life. PERIOD. I try to cheer up another person, in a small way whenever I can...which gives ME immense satisfaction. There have been so many instances where I have seen arrogant fools pick on a meek and docile person or snigger meaningly about some sad joke on another....I would love to strangle them to death for hurting someone's feelings like that!!

One day, they will learn from their mistakes...just like I did!!!


karthik "anna" natarajan said...

totally agree with you on this one!
first time i am readign your blog ... man u are good!
and right!.. life is too short to be botherd by things tht bother you..!.. ignore what you dont control and soon you control everything!

Pretty Woman said...

seeing your comment only now...thanks, coming from you its a compliment! :-)

In this case, Ignorance is bliss, eh?