Friday, October 27, 2006

In retrospect....Pune!

When we moved to Pune from Bangalore, i was very sceptical initially about how I would like the place. I panicked the first week, when we could'nt find a good place for rent. Its been less than 6 months since we moved here, and now, I LOVE PUNE!!

Its a lovely happy city and I have never been happier...we live in such a lovely big flat here surrounded by friendly people and picturesque views from the balcony. All my friends are surprised when they hear that I am in Pune, a small quiet town...well, it isnt...I dont miss anything here from have loads of malls, cosmopolitan not sure about the nightlife here coz i am not much of a party person anyways...Life is peaceful here. Some interesting observations:

1. NOBODY, I mean NOBODY stares or leers or teases you ( for me its a luxury!)
2. You cannot see anyone fighting or shouting or being rude to anyone on the busy roads
3. Smiling faces everywhere, whether its a grocery store or a vendor on the roads
4. Every festival is celebrated in grandeur and loads of spirit
5. If you know hindi, you can survive without learning marathi ( out of interest, I have learnt a teeny weeny bit!)


cvraman said...

Pune is an amazing place, I feel in love with that City during my first visit