Monday, June 18, 2012

Clothes Overhaul!

...I strongly believe in getting rid of clutter, but holding on to the good things in life AND clothes! Optimum utilization is KEY....I love to do potter around and do something creative with my makes me feel very productive and creating something, even if in a small way...makes a huge difference to how you feel...anyway, I digress!

So I have this old top that I bought in Singapore a long time back, which shrunk in size over several washes...but I love these chinese accents on it! 

So I got rid of the top I had "outgrown", but cut out these beautiful and vibrant accents....

....attached them to a plain silk top in black....and Voila!

I have an interesting new top and I retained the lovely embroidery patches too! Ingenious, you say? I KNOW!! :P


SR said...

Good idea.. looks nice :)

Pretty Woman said...

thanks babe! :)