Monday, October 10, 2011

I have cheerful company, as I cook!

After "this" ( click on the text "this"), I have pretty much changed it up quite a bit, going along! ...and my kitchen window is very pretty with knick-knacks, cheerful flowers, spice and everything nice! ...even if i say so myself! :)

Winter has come upon us, and for someone who loves sunshine, its quite a dampener! I am not someone who stays gloomy too long ( noone should, actually!) I bought these winter flowers in the market below and Voila, they sit pretty and cheer me up, sunshine or NOT!

....the "hotness" quotient of my window has increased exponentially, with some fresh and green entrants! :)

On a whim, I decided to try my luck by just planting a few coriander seeds or kothamalli verai, as we say in Tamizh...and wow! I do have a very green thumb! ;) I was so excited to see sprigs of coriander!

I must say I have a strong fetish for coriander, it has such a lovely aroma that I tend to put coriander in almost everything! Divine rasam is virtually impossible without coriander leaves! If my cooking tastes good, the secret ingredient is coriander!

...It's my dream to live near the sea or have a beach house someday! ...while we wait for that to happen, we can still have sea shells, right? Right! I have this really cute hanging full of chozhi ( Patti used to play pallankuzhi with this!)or sea shells and I find it really the end hangs a bell !

I might have mentioned earlier that I collect random coloured glass containers in different shapes and arrange them like this....or paint them and make it into a pretty vase....Like?


chickoo said...

I simply love the collection of bottles, and of course the chozhi, it makes quite a statement

Pretty Woman said...


thank too! :)