Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Myth Buster!

Disclaimer: All these myths and assumptions of mine are busted! They are applicable to ME and ME alone! Please do not relate to this post and make absurd comments in MY blog. Genuine comments with your own identity are welcome!

Myth: If you earn loads of money, you have a great career.
Fact: You have a great career, when you enjoy the work you do and look forward to go to work everyday. I earn reasonably good money, and most importantly, I look forward to go to work everyday now. REALLY.

Myth: Obsessing your mind with something you want or desire makes you really focused.
Fact: Obsessing gets you nowhere. It is important to enjoy every moment , for tomorrow you might get what you want /desire and start regretting those precious moments that are in the past now. Stop obsessing and things will fall into place.

Myth: I should behave in such a way that everyone likes me.
Fact: You cannot please EVERYONE and you live only once. If you make a genuine effort and if it still doesn’t work that way…..they don’t deserve it. PERIOD. Let them get over it and I can deal with it.

As life passes by, all my myths are gonna be busted…for good!!!


Ps said...

I dont know about myths but i TOTALLY agree with your facts.Especially the last one!

Chitra said...

Hi...i absolutely agree with your last fact. So true

Ritu said...

Loved the Disclaimer!!!! I agree with your thoughts here....totally...esp the last one...

Pretty Woman said...

hey PS, Chitra, Ritu
All of you seem to agree with me on the last point...guess we all sail in the same boat as far as pleasing everyone goes!! :D

Chitra, you are a new visitor! thanks for stopping by :)

Raaga said...

Life teaches us many things. :-)

Deepa said...

ha! If only we women can practice the third one!!!

Pretty Woman said...

Hi Deepa!
I am hoping we all learn to, as time passes by :)

Damitra said...

reading your myths and facts, reminded me of a book. Its called God on a Harley..if u havent read it already, u might like it :)

Pretty Woman said...

hey damitra!
thanks for stopping by....and 'God on a harley'? sounds interesting.... :)